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Industrial Battery Charger Price in Bangladesh

Industrial Battery Charger

We are offering our patrons a wide range of Battery Chargers, which comprises two float cum boost chargers. These chargers are fabricated with power SCRs/ Diodes in full wave full controlled Bridge configuration. The FCBC charger full fill the need of load and float charging currents, for these crusts is set in AUTO mode. After the selection of AUTO mode the charger, which is set in BOOST mode after completion of this mode it inset to FLOAT mode for the purpose of flowing current, now another charger, which is set to BOOST mode after finishing of its BOOST mode it gets automatically set on FLOAT mode for transferring the load. This way both the chargers become ready to supply current for loading. In these chargers, systems for the selection of discharging period and selection days between two discharging are also provided.



•    Float Cum Boost – FCBC
•    Float and Boost – FC & BC
•    Float and Float Cum Boost – FC & FCBC
•    Dual Float Cum Boost – DFCBC
•    All redundant versions of above
•    Application /Customer specific configuration

Salient Features of Industrial Battery Charger:

•    In general the system confirms to IEC 146 and IS-4540 standards
•    Soft start
•    Battery path current limiting
•    Automatic float cum boast change over
•    Built in digitally controlled automatic regulation circuit
•    Built in auto phase reversal operation
•    Smoothing filter circuit to limit AC ripple
•    Charger overload protection
•    Assisted with advanced battery monitoring – ABM
•    Day/Time selector switches for automatic charge/ discharge cycle
•    Insulation class for magnetics as per IS standards
•    7 tank processed powder coated painting shades
•    Powder coated paints as per IS/RAL standards
•    Controller based advanced annunciation


Led Indications:

•    Mains on
•    DC on
•    Battery on Charge
•    Battery charge
•    Rectifier trip
•    DC ov
•    Input ov
•    Input uv



•    Auto Mode.
•    Manual Mode
Any of the either modes can be selected for operation at anytime by selector switch provided.


Charging Equipment:

Battery charging should comprise of the float charger and boost charge

•    Float charger has only constant voltage mode
•    It should capable to supply trickle charging current to battery and station load.