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Lightning Protection System Price in Bangladesh

Lightning Protection System - LPS

Energy System Company® - ENSYSCO in Bangladesh is known to provide Lightning Protection System – LPS  as part of its offerings in the energy sector. These systems are crucial for safeguarding infrastructure, buildings, and equipment against the damaging effects of lightning strikes.

Energy System Company - ENSYSCO likely provides consultation, installation, and maintenance services for lightning protection systems to various industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across Bangladesh. If you need specific details or have any particular questions about their lightning protection systems, feel free to ask!

ENSYSCO typically offers a range of Lightning Protection Solutions, including:

  1. Lightning rods or air terminals: These are installed at the highest points of buildings or structures to intercept lightning strikes.
  2. Down conductors: These conductors channel the lightning's energy safely from the air terminals to the ground.
  3. Grounding systems: Ensuring proper grounding is crucial for dissipating the lightning's energy into the ground without causing harm.
  4. Surge protection devices: These are often integrated into electrical systems to prevent surges caused by lightning strikes from damaging sensitive equipment.