Ensysco Battery Charger 12/24V

We use battery chargers to charge various types of vehicle batteries including generators. All chargers available in China market are of very low quality. They don’t last even 6 months. There is no protection including low-cut, high-cut, full charge, charging current, etc. As a result the batteries get damaged in a very short time. “Energy System Company” is preparing world class battery charger to solve all these problems. We have already supplied battery chargers to various reputed companies in Bangladesh.
Why use “ENSYSCO Battery Charger”?
• Ensysco battery charger is made with latest technology.
• Smart battery charger 12/24 volt 10 amp analog display, so accurate rating can be seen.
• Lasts at least 5 years without any maintenance once installed.
• This charger is fully automatic, so there is no hassle of switching on and off.
• Being fully automatic, power wastage is 100% prevented.
• Can charge gel, acid and lithium batteries.
• Fully automatic 12/24 volt battery charger can charge 12/24 volt batteries at a maximum of 10 amps.
• Can charge 12V 7Ah to 200Ah batteries.
• Can quickly charge generators, solar batteries, motorcycle batteries, autorickshaw batteries, bus-truck batteries.
• Battery charging voltage, charging ampere can be seen live due to display meter.
• Battery charging voltage, charging ampere can be seen live due to display meter.
• Easy connection AC plug 220 volt cable with crocodile connector to connect red clip battery (+) terminal and black clip battery (-) terminal of charger.
• Buy ENSYSCO Smart Battery Charger (12/24 Volt 10 Amp Digital Display) at the best price in Bangladesh.
Warranty: 1 year.

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