MPPT Solar Hybrid Charge Controller With Wi-fi Monitoring- 100A

> Remote Monitoring : PC monitoring; WIFI by mobile phone.

>This new wind solar hybrid controller is special design for 0-800w wind and 0-600w solar panels for wind.

>solar street light or home wind solar complementary system.

>Appearance is elegant, operations are easy. Uses a custom digital LCD screen can see solar panel ,wind turbine, battery status and four key operation mode.

>The inner circuit board of the controller is sprayed to prevent dust, moisture and static electricity, which can effectively prolong the controller’ service life.

>This controller can workable to Gel, Lead-acid, Ternary lithium battery and Lithium iron phosphate battery.

>Lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc.

Product Features:

1. Intelligent design, simple structure, control powerful, stable performance, safety and reliability.

2. Choose MPPT fan charging ways, efficiency is much better.

3. Booster charge function, low wind speed can charging.

4. LCD display, all parameters are visible directly.

5. Liquid crystal display battery charging electric current and voltage.

6. Digital intelligent control.

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