Ensysco 30 KVA AVR Installation for Panoply Foods Ltd.

Project Name: Peru purchased one set of off-grid solar power system

Date: October 5, 2023

Project Site: Manufacturing plant in suburban Peru

Quantity and Specific Configuration: One Set Of 300KW Off-grid Solar Power System


Project Description:

Recently, a manufacturing plant was built on the outskirts of rural Peru. Because of the utility was unstable, the plant owner considered using a solar system to generate electricity. Based on the current economic situation and regional conditions in the suburbs, the customer chose Anern company and invested in a 300kw off-grid power generation system for the daily production and operation of the plant. The system is a cost-effective off-grid LiFePO4 battery solar power system. It is not only simple to install, but also can efficiently convert solar energy into electric power supply, successfully solving the problem of power supply in manufacturing plants.