MPPT Solar Street Light Controller TRACER-EPLI series combines solar charge controller and LED driver into one unit. It is ideal for solar LED Lighting requiring dimmer function. The control parameter can be programmed by Mobile APP and SPP-02 via infrared communication.


•  Advanced MPPT technology
•  High tracking efficiency ≥99.5%
•  Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
•  Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
•  Accurately recognizing and tracking MPP of multiple wave crest
•  Digital precision constant current control
•  Maximum output efficiency of 96%
•  Output current adjustable
•  Flexible dimming function:0-100%
•  Real-time energy statistics function
•  Battery temperature compensation function
•  Fully encapsulated PCB, IP68 protection
•  Aluminum housing for better cooling
•  Easy to check system working status via Mobile APP

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