Lithium ion Batteries Introduction: 

JSD-JBP series is especially designed for solar LED street lights, solar garden lights, installed under solar panel;

it is integrated with Lithium ion batteries and solar charge controller all in one, with time and dimming function, suitable for remotely program parameters and manually turn on/off LED lamp.

It is the latest and exclusive solar storage batteries pack, in order to deliver more power, high cycling and fast recharge; to make the solar lights longer working life-span, easier installation and intelligent 365 days turning on/off.


● Design of lithium ion batteries and solar charge controller integrated, which is scientific and reliable
● High efficient intelligent battery power management system
● Solar charge controller is special designed for lithium ion battery, working together perfectly.
● High efficient intelligent solar charge controller integrated constant current LED driver, with 91%-96% output efficiency
● Solar charge controller with dusk to dawn, time and dimming function
● With remote control to program parameters and lighting control option easily
● Used high&low temperature material and waterproofing process to prolong battery working lifespan and work in -20℃~60℃
● All-in-one design, easy installation to save labor cost and material cost
● Suitable for installing under solar panel
● Suitable for 10Ah-80Ah lithium ion battery for solar
● Made of aluminum housing to be waterproof IP67

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