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Solar Home Systems are the means to ensure light in rural off-grid areas. Solar Home System constitutes of a package of Solar panel, battery and accessories, providing light and a way of living in those areas not connected to the grid. For agrarian Bangladesh, where a huge number of population are outside conventional grid, the visionary  journey of Energy System Company®  Solar Home System started in the mid 2009s, with the single installation of a home system at Bogra. It gradually started initiating awareness and emphasizing the necessity of Solar Home System through its activities.

High Efficiency Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline PV Solar Panel:

Energy System Company PV Solar modules offer models ranging in size from 5Watt to 300Watt. These modules are designed for use in a wide array of off-grid and grid-tie Solar System. These A-Grade panels are built using the highest quality components to ensure the best performance.

All modules have a power tolerance +5/-5% & are backed by 20/25 years warranty. The high performance cells are encapsulated in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate – EVA & placed between high transparent low iron tempered glass & a durable Tedlar Polyester Tedlar – TPT backsheet. The panels are framed using heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames, providing exceptional panel rigidity.

All modules are produced in ISO9001:2000 certified factories & are subject to triple-level quality control & testing procedures before they leave the warehouse – ensuring a high quality & consistent end product. Each panel has a ID number for tracking purposes.

Solar Battery:

Energy System Company offer Solar Deep cycle Tubular plate Batteries those are range from 20Ah to 150Ah of nominal Voltage 12VDC applicable for Renewable Energy or Solar Home Systems.

We also offer Absorbed glass Mat – AGM type Sealed Maintenance Free – SMF Solar battery.AGM technology has become the next step in the evolution of both starting and deep cycle sealed batteries for solar and other related applications. This “next generation“technology delivers increased safety, performance and service life over all other existing sealed battery types.

AGM offers a Depth–of–Discharge of 80 percent; on the other hand, the flooded, is specified at 50 percent Depth–of–Discharge  to attain the same cycle life. 


Solar Charge Controller:

Energy System Company offer solar charge controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology. It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power – 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. The micro-processor enabled six stage charging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their life by 6 months.

Ensysco’s solar charge controllers are available in both MPPT and PWM range to suit all budgets.

Solar Home Appliance:

Energy System Company offer solar home appliance like DC Table Fan, Box Type Fan, Rechargeable Solar Stand Fan, Solar Ceiling Fan, DC LED Bulb, DC LED Tube Light, Solar LED Color TV, Solar Cable, Solar Switch & Solar Mobile Charger. All the items are subject to triple-level quality control & testing procedures before they leave the warehouse – ensuring a high quality & consistent end product.

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