Motion Sensor Switch

Motion Sensor Switch

What is Ensysco Motion Sensor Switch ?

It is a device which can detect your motion or movement. By detecting movement it controls the connected loads-lights, fans, AC & so on. For this application, whenever you go outside from room, loads turn off and when you enter in room, loads will turn on automatically. We can provide any range product, needed by customer.We can supply the switch for both AC and DC load of any capacity.Lets start the journey to Future.

Why Use Ensysco Motion Sensor Switch ?

  • Reducing Bill : Monthly Electric bill reduces from 30% to 75%.
  • Removing misuse of Electricity.
  • Expands Life-time of Electric devices such as lights, fans, ACs and so on.      


  • Easy Connection with just two wires.
  • Output: AC 220V Single phase 50 Hz 300watt Max.
  • Compact & Durable Design
  • Input power: AC Mains 220V Single phase 50 Hz.
  • Fully automatic switching on and off operation.
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