Three Phase Online UPS

Uninterrupted… 24×7 – 365

An uninterruptible power supply using true online double conversion technology provides the highest level of power protection available. The Online UPS converts the  input AC mains supply to DC power, which is then used to charge the battery. The DC current flow is then fed through an inverter stage that reconstructs the  AC mains output. Because the AC output is completely regenerated, it will be completely free from any mains-borne interference such as spikes and voltage variations.

The output voltage and frequency is controlled precisely, thus ensuring a clean and stable sine wave power output. Online UPS are able to withstand large fluctuations on the input voltage before transferring to battery power thus eliminating unnecessary battery discharges. Upon mains failure, transfer to battery power is seamless – no break. Online UPS also have various failsafe and self-diagnostic features that will instantly transfer the load onto mains power if there is a failure within the UPS hardware, or if the UPS is overloaded.


Energy System Company® Three Phase Online UPS provides high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection for servers, voice / data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. Capable of supporting loads from 6KVA to 600kVA in a rack/tower convertible form, the Smart Online UPS is available from 6KVA to 600kVA.

When business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes, Smart Online UPS  can be configured with matching battery packs to comply with aggressive runtime demands. The included Power Chute management software provides unattended graceful shutdown of network operating systems. All models can include an integrated Network Management Card for remote.

Three Phase Online UPS family provides customers with a reliable source of uninterruptible power even in demanding power environments, including very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction.

Online UPS Features:

  • On-line “Double Conversion” technology – VFI.
  • Parallel redundancy On-line UPS.
  • Input Power Factor up to 0,99 – PFC technology.
  • DSP – Digital Signal Processor technology.
  • Common battery string for parallel units.
  • IGBT technology – Rectifier and Inverter.
  • Internal static and manual bypass.
  • 16/18/20/28/30/32pcs 12V Batteries per string – Adjustable.
  • ECO Mode for Energy Saving.
  • Intelligent charging management.
  • Self-test during the UPS start up.
  • Internal and external batteries.
  • Unbalanced load acceptable.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Battery cold start.
  • LCD-LED Double Display with audible and visible alarms.
  • RS485 and USB ports, dry contacts.
  • EPO – Emergency Power Off.
  • 1 year warranty.

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