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Energy System Company® specialize in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and long lasting Solid State Lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications including warehouses, factories, office buildings, college campuses, hotels, hospitals, parking garages, and parking lots.

LED technology, also known as Solid State Lighting – SSL, has been around for some time but only for lower wattage lighting like flashlights, and decorative residential indoor and outdoor lighting. As a result of rapid developments in the industry, it’s now the dawn of the LED Era for commercial applications of LED technology in interior and exterior lighting.

According to The U.S. Department of Energy, “Solid-state lighting is a pivotal emerging technology that promises to fundamentally alter and improve lighting systems – and buildings – of the future. No other lighting technology offers our nation so much potential to conserve electricity, at a time when our nation needs bold solutions to achieve greater energy independence.”

Advantages of Solid State Lighting

Saves Energy: LED Tube light consumes a fraction of the electricity compared to incandescent and gas-based lights to produce the same amount of light, resulting in dramatic savings of electricity costs. Simple payback from one to five years is common depending on the type of lights replaced and daily usage.

Saves the Environment: Unlike traditional lamps, LED Tube light contain NO hazardous gases dangerous to humans and our planet. Furthermore, LED lighting reduces greenhouse gases 1.6 pounds of Carbon Dioxide pollution is avoided from power plants for each kilowatt hour -kWh saved by LED lighting.

Saves Maintenance Costs: LED Tube light have long life spans and require no ballast, thus reducing the labor and material costs associated with repairing and replacing incandescent, fluorescent, metal-halide, and sodium lamps and fixtures.


1. LED Tube light can save 80% energy compared with traditional bulb or halogen lamp.
2. LED Tube light has no flickering which is eliminate eye-discomfort caused by traditional lamp.
3. Extremely low maintenance costs.
4. Long lifespan more than 50,000 hours.
5. No UV and IR radiation, not lead, mercury and other pollution.
6. Luminous efficiency up to 100 lm/w, various color temperature available, high color rendering index
7. Solid-state, high shock resistant
8. Low power consumption, high intensity

Availabe Now:  16watt, 18watt, 20watt, 22watt & 24watt both AC & DC.

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