Mega IPS


Uninterrupted around-the-clock

Energy System Company® Mega IPS Systems are a truly futuristic concept. These two-in-one products completely eliminate the need to have separate power back-up systems for your home appliances as well as your computer. Based on a high-end microcontroller technology the Mega Sine Wave IPS provides Pure Sine Wave output that is 100% clean, regulated, completely stable and distortion free and absolutely safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive appliances, silently.

 Mega IPS Features:

  • Instant switchover: In the event of a power failure, the switchover process to battery mode takes just a few milliseconds. This ensures that connected appliances like computers keep getting uninterrupted power without the systems rebooting due to a power failure.
  • Automatic overload regulation: In case of overload, the Mega Sine Wave IPS resets itself automatically to turn on again. The system will retry to run the existing load, giving the user enough time to reduce the load without having to shut down the system.
  • System and appliances fully protected: Mega Sine Wave IPS is equipped with superior High Cut/Low Cut Technology that provides complete and constant protection to all appliances in case of any irregularities or disturbances in the grid supply. These include any short circuits, high voltage, low voltage or overloads.
  • Highly energy efficient: The Mega Sine Wave IPS is furnished with an SMPS-based charger, which has the highest power factor. This minimizes the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries, thereby reducing your power consumption considerably. It also provides ripple free DC supply to batteries, thus enhancing the battery life.
  • Fuzzy logic controlled charging technology: Advanced Fuzzy Logic Controlled charging technology senses the requirements of the battery and controls the charging process accordingly, giving you huge savings on electricity, longer battery life, reduced water topping.  
  • SMDTechnology – Surface Mount Device Technology: The PCB card is based on Surface Mount Device Technology that reduces human error while manufacturing. Systems based on this SMD technology are more efficient than other conventional systems.
  • Compatibility with batteries: Automatic Compatibility with batteries to select any battery type and charging. Using Hamko batteries ensure better performance
  • UPS mode/IPS mode: The two-way selection switch gives you the option to select the system mode. You can select UPS mode for sensitive appliances like TVs, computers, scanners or IPS mode for tube lights, fans, room coolers and refrigerators.
  • User-friendly LCD Displays: Mega Sine Wave IPS has a bright LCD display equipped with an audible alarm that keeps you informed and alert about the system’s condition.
  • Wheeled Cabinet or Battery Box: You can choose a wheel type cabinet for easy movement around your home, if required. This portability also helps in keeping the flooring spotless, even in the event of acid spillage from the battery!. For smaller system up to 2000VA we generally provide battery box.

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