Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic_ Tansfer_Switch - ATS_BD

Auto Transfer Switch – ATS Panel:

Automatic transfer switch continuously monitors utility power. When the utility power failures the transfer switch will signal the generator to start. Once the generator has reached operating speeds with correct frequency and voltage levels the transfer switch will disconnect the utility source and connect the generator. The design of the auto transfer switch contacts makes it impossible for both sources to be connected simultaneously. The building utilizes the generator power to keep critical circuits running like AC, sump pumps, fire pumps, computer systems and other critical circuits.

After the utility power is restored the automatic transfer switch returns the load to the grid. A generator cool down timer is then initiated. After the cool down period the generator automatically shuts down. The transfer switch goes back into monitory mode and stands ready for the next power outage. The automatic transfer switch also regularly runs test cycles to make sure your standby generator is ready when you need it.

Ensysco ATS Panel :

Depending on the type of application required, ENSYSCO ATS panels can manually or automatically switch your load to an alternative supply should your primary power source fail.

​Our Automatic Transfer Switches  are used in multiple applications across many industry sectors including Building Management, Water & Sewage Treatments, Data Centres, Hospitals and public offices. Whether you require our services for business or domestic use, our ATS panels will provide you with safe and effective systems that maximise protection in the event of a power outage.

ENSYSCO ATS panels use a Socomec controller for most industrial applications, however, where economy is paramount, a phase failure relay is incorporated in place of the Socomec unit which substantially reduces cost. ATS panels can be built in 3 or 4 pole configuration.

Safety :

All ENSYSCO ATS panels are built with safety in mind and comply with directives laid down by the British Standards Institute and European Union. Consideration is always given to ease of installation for goods we supply, with care and attention paid to termination sizes and cabling access. We follow strict safety regulations to ensure we provide the safest, most efficient solutions. ​

For more information, call or email us, we would be delighted to work with you on your next project ​

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